NICRAS Training




Information Sessions


The Asylum Process in NI


Our 2-hour sessions will provide an outline of the asylum process and the guidelines for asylum support in the UK and NI.  This is an introduction to rights, responsibilities and challenges for those seeking asylum in the UK and for those organisations in contact with asylum seekers.  This workshop is recommended for professionals.



Forced Migration


Our 2-hour session introduces audiences to the factors from around the world that generate refugees and how governments, global and local organisations respond to various crises.  It will also include an introduction to the basic elements of the asylum process and asylum support in the local context.



Training Sessions


Forced Migration – Training for Professionals


This ½ day training is an interactive workshop that immerses practitioners, students and local professionals in the experience and challenges of forced migration.  Participants will learn about conditions that generate asylum seekers and understand the global responses that are put into place to assist in crisis.  The training will include localised examples of asylum support, refugee resettlement and challenging questions about immigration in N. Ireland.



Bespoke Training


We have ½ day training  and information sessions available that are designed to assist professionals and organisations seeking to better understand the experience of refugees and asylum seekers in N. Ireland.  This training includes –on request-  cultural profiles of Countries of Origin within the refugee populations of Europe, Understanding Culture Shock and information sessions on a variety of topics (such as, mental health, education and medicine).